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Adriana Szczesny

Lutheran High School North
Spanish Teacher
6421 Lucas and Hunt rd. St. Louis, MO 63121

My name is Adriana Szczesny. I am a Native Spanish Speaker from Argentina with a Master's Degree in Education. I came to the United States 16 years ago and today, I am a proud American Citizen. In Argentina, I studied Advertising and graphic design. Also, I went to law school. Currently, I am working at Lutheran North High School teaching Spanish I, II, III ACC, and IV ACC classes as a certified SLU Adjunct Instructor. I have had the opportunity to work at North Kirkwood Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year where I took a 1-year position as a Spanish teacher and where I had the opportunity to lead an Education Trip to Europe (Spain, France, and Germany) for 10 days. Before that, I was working at St. Peter Catholic School teaching Spanish to 6 and 7-grade students and the Spanish Club after-school program. During my student teaching experience at Kirkwood High School, I taught four sections of Spanish III Honors. Also, I am experienced in tutoring Spanish students at Webster University and at STLCC. 

Each day I prepare a variety of fun, differentiated, and hands-on lessons for the students. I spend a lot of time preparing these lessons because it is important to me that students enjoy learning. I feel that a welcoming, friendly environment, that is also structured, is the best place for students to learn. I am also a firm believer in building strong relationships with students so that they feel comfortable in taking risks when speaking Spanish.

As a graduate of Webster University, I am very familiar with Missouri's Framework and adeptly weave those standards into my lessons and assessments. I have provided essential Spanish lessons ranging from culture to vocabulary and grammar; incorporating all four language skills (speaking, writing, listening, and reading) into the activities.

In addition to these qualifications, I bring a large variety of life experiences to my practice in the classroom. I demonstrate a keen ability to work with others, have a genuine passion for sharing, and am always willing to listen and take advice. As a native speaker, I provide authentic and inside knowledge of the Spanish culture to the classroom.

Also, I'm a proud mom of my two bilingual daughters. I love to teach and I can't imaging myself retired from my profession.

Adriana Szczesny